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Sophie & Rich are the Founders of Salty. 

You can usually find them surfing at their local spot in Highcliffe (Dorset) or strolling along the beach with a coffee in hand. When they are not on the beach or swimming in the sea you will find them crafting and designing in their workshop.

Living a healthy, simple and sustainable life is their medicine to a Happy Wellbeing.

So where did Salty  begin… From a very young age Rich found his passion for carpentry. He has a natural ability to handcraft stunning, bespoke pieces of furniture, which our family and friends adore! 

Sophie is the artist; she paints large scaled ocean inspired paintings. She also designs and creates driftwood mirrors and makes furniture for their home. They both equally love working with natural, raw materials. Their creative journeys led them to the start of Salty.  A bespoke, rustic furniture company, where style meets sustainability.


The company initially started in their back garden and as the true English weather came in, their lounge was transformed into the workshop! Very quickly they realised a bigger space was needed. The sawdust was becoming an issue, not only for Sophie and Rich but also for Mr. Chat Noir (their cat). So in stepped Sophie’s lovely Sister and Boyfriend and offered their garage as a workshop. A huge sigh of relief for all!

For the first few weeks they were in heaven, no more dust in the lounge! However, three weeks in and people were loving their bespoke, rustic designs. Another move was on the cards! Salty  had outgrown ‘The Sister’s Garage’. So once again they packed up and re-located to their new, permanent workshop.


There were smiles for miles for their journey ahead, a new adventure on the horizon had begun... 


'There is Always something to be Grateful for'

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