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Why choose handmade furniture?

All of our products are designed and handcrafted by master craftspeople here at The Satly workshop, based in Hampshire in the New Forest.

Our aim has always been to design and create quality pieces of furniture which will last a lifetime, using sustainably sourced, natural materials. 

What we create can not be mass produced and our products are not made on large production lines but by skilled cabinet makers  who spend hours and days crafting statement pieces for your home. 

Each product receives the same care and attention and is constructed so meticulously that each piece of timber comes together flawlessly to form furniture that  will last for years.

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The beauty of Salty
is that every product is made by hand so each design encompasses truly unique qualities.

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Natural and not mass produced

When Sophie and Rich started Salty their aim was to create a company that wouldn’t harm the planet, trying to create the smallest ecological footprint possible.  The quality was never to be compromised when making beautiful bespoke furniture.

Natural raw materials are used to prevent any harsh chemicals entering your home, ensuring our furniture is safe not only for people but the planet too. 


Mass produced items will be cheaper and you will be able to receive them quickly.  But quality and time is something that is never rushed here at Salty as this will only jeopardise the quality and finish of the end product.

Our handcrafted products can be tailored to our lovely clients and their homes, this means many of the features can be specifically chosen to suit your interior design visions.

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